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In an effort to provide audiences the opportunity to more deeply engage the issues of race and identity raised by the project, we have embarked upon a National Campus Tour. Colleges and universities are now able to host the (1)ne Drop Campus Exhibit on their campuses.

For additional information, please see our (1)ne Drop National Campus Tour Information Packet

“The (1)ne Drop exhibit and lecture was a home run for the Lafayette College community. This project is incredibly important and especially relevant at this moment in time; a moment when empty rhetoric about a post-racial society dominates airwaves and social media outlets. This work adds a critical dimension to the national dialogue on race and racism in the 21st century. We needed (1)ne Drop to show us that there are many people out there being misread, mislabeled and completely misunderstood by society. The project also serves as a nice reminder that people of all shades all over the globe stand together, in solidarity, with great pride in their skin color and their African ancestry. The photographs are amazing, the stories are inspiring, and the lecture that accompanies the exhibition is illuminating. Our students, staff and faculty were so moved that we decided to purchase a permanent collection for our Black Cultural Center. I can assure you that (1)ne Drop does not disappoint. Kudos to Dr. Yaba Blay, photographer Noelle Théard and everyone else involved in this dynamic project.”

John F. McKnight
Dean of Intercultural Development, Lafayette College

 We look forward to bringing the conversation to your campus!

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