“For LaShawnte: Sing a Black Girl’s Song”


little Yaba for LaShawnte

by Yaba Blay

On Sunday December 9th, CNN aired the latest installment of their annual Black in America series reported by Soledad O’Brien. This year’s special, entitled “Who is Black in America?,” focused on colorism and racial identity and the intricate intersections between the two. We watched young adults grapple with questions of their identity, namely the question of “What are you?” – a question not only asked of them by others, but one that they continue to ask of themselves. This is a question I myself have never had to think about, much less articulate an answer to because the color of my skin is reflective of my Ghanaian ancestry. By its dark tone, everyone I encounter knows exactly what I am.




December 19th, 2012

“When No One Else Looks Like You.”


Danielle Ayers

(CNN) – “Who is Black in America?” explores how color affects identity. In this video, Danielle Ayers, a Biracial woman, discusses her search for identity and the challenges of being color blind after growing up in a primarily white Mennonite community where race was not discussed. Watch video here

December 15th, 2012

“Am I Black?” – A Response to CNN’s Black in America 5



by Tatiana Bacchus

Tonight I took my daughter to an advanced screening of CNN’s Black in America 5 – Who is Black in America? I went for a variety of reasons, but most of all to support a Philadelphia scholar and visionary, Dr. Yaba Blay. I had the pleasure of producing an interview of Yaba a few years back for the Leeway Foundation It was then that I learned about her project entitled 1ne Drop which refers to a person being categorized as Black if they had one drop of Black blood. I became an instant fan and student of Yaba’s work. (I am now a fan of the rest of the amazing individuals featured in this documentary.)




December 5th, 2012

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