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To date, (1)ne Drop has been largely self-funded.  In 2010, Yaba Blay was awarded an Art & Change Grant by the Leeway Foundation through which she was able to initiate many of the project’s key components. However, in order to complete the project, we need your support. Please visit our Kickstarter campaign and pledge your donation today! We have until November 11 to raise at least $9000. We are offering a variety of incentives ranging from a public “thank you” on their website to a one-hour photoshoot with Noelle Théard. Please $upport!!!



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One of the goals of (1)ne Drop is to spark dialogue so, please, START TALKING! Tell your friends about our website. Tell your friends about our Kickstarter campaign. Encourage them to tell their friends. Blog. Report. Repost. Retweet. Please help us to spread the word.



Know someone who you think would be a great addition to the project? Let us know! We are particularly interested in connecting with:

      • men
      • children/teenagers
      • someone (male or female) from South Africa who in that context would be considered “Coloured”
      • someone (male or female) from Brasil
      • a woman with albinism


At this time, interviews and portraiture are limited to individuals who live in the United States.



Does this project speak to you on a personal level? Agree? Disagree? Interested in sharing your thoughts and perspective? We would love to include your voice in our blog! Please send your essay/story to the producers at for consideration. Essays/stories should be limited to 1000 words or less. Please also include a 1-2 sentence bio and (1) high-resolution photograph (at least 300 dpi).

September 27th, 2011