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“At one point it seemed like everyday, a couple of times a day, someone would ask me, “Where are you from?” And when I would tell them, they’d say something like “You’re from Curaçao? How can that be? or “You ain’t Black.” It’s amazing how little the Dutch know of where I come from for it to be a former colony and still be part of the kingdom. Whenever you say, ‘I’m from Curaçao‘ people automatically think Black. That’s happens in Holland and in Curaçao also. Having that experience over and over again is the reason I made the series, “Coming From Where I’m From” – to show the diversity of the people from Curaçao. I want people to see that there is no one phenotype that comes from Curaçao.”

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Yu’i Korsou (A child of Curaçao)

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