(1)ne Drop Sister Project

Coloured: A Profile of Two Million South Africans
Photography by (1)ne Drop Contributing Photographer, Rushay Booysen

“Coloured: A profile of Two Million South Africans” is a pictorial project titled after a 1974 book written by A. J. Venter. Much of the written text intrigued me, but the book failed to produce a visual aspect; one that I felt is very important. My interest in exploring the historical background of the Coloured people arose specifically out of the experience of being asked “Wie is jy?” – “Who are you?” Often when traveling, I found that I could navigate between various identities, but I also found that people stereotype what Africans should look like. That propelled me to start telling the story of my history, and what better way than to start with the visual aspect. As you navigate the project, you’ll find people of vast hues, hair textures, and facial features. This allows us to recognize our differences, but at the same time connects us through a common family line. The world is so obsessed with Black and White that it often discards people’s culture, their languages, and most importantly, the uniqueness of each individual. Through this project, I hope to relay the history of my people, as well as the complexity of racial identification. What do you get when you compact the descendents of people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Europe, India, China, Khoi, San, Xhosa, etc…? Beautiful Human Beings.

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