(1)ne Drop Sister Project

Coming From Where I’m From
Photography by (1)ne Drop Contributor, Brett Russel

Coming From Where I’m From” is a series of 24 portraits of people who are all born and raised on Curaçao and who all identify themselves as being ‘Yu’i Korsou’ (Child of Curaçao). The goal of the project is to show the diversity of the people of Curaçao and that there is no typical way a person from Curaçao looks.

From the Artist:

When I moved to Holland I was constantly asked where I was from and I always answered ‘Curaçao.’ People were surprised to hear that I was from Curaçao because I did not look the way they expected. They would say people from Curaçao are usually Black and would then ask where my parents were from in an attempt to understand how it was that I was so light-skinned. To avoid having to explain myself constantly, I decided to make the portrait series as a quick and easy way to show that people from Curaçao, (and people in general) are diverse and cannot be categorized by the way they look.

For more on the project, click here

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