(1)ne Drop Sister Project

Faces: An Intimate Portrait of Black Folks in America
Photography by (1)ne Drop Contributing Photographer, Janet E. Dandridge

Faces: An Intimate Portrait of Black Folks in America is a series of intimate close-up portraits of Black folks in America.  The anatomy of the African–American or Black face has been historically a topic of controversy and intrigue throughout the world.  America’s history books tell stories of the Black experience in the United States by using imagery of the Black face as both positive and negative.  Unfortunately, more often than not, defined by the latter.  These faces have persevered through being beaten, ridiculed, tormented, and demonized.  But these are also faces that are loved, admired, praised, cosmetically copied, and beautiful.  This collection toys with the presumed idea of who this person is in relation to the face we see. By looking deep into someone’s eyes or following the lines on their face or looking at the teardrop at the end of a lash, we are able to get a glimpse of what defines the true Black face in America.  I believe that the face is worth a thousand words and capturing the various nuances of the face with all its details – from the eyebrows to the mouth, the cheeks to the eyes – will engage the viewer in the intimacy of those details and give us something to ponder.

For more on the Faces project, click here

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