(1)ne Drop Sister Project

Eu Africanizo São Paulo”
(“I Africanize São Paulo“)

Photography by (1)ne Drop Contributing Photographer, Guma 

 The concept of the campaign “I Africanize São Paulo,” was created as the slogan for the first WAPI festival – Words and Pictures Brasil – which took place in August of 2011. The slogan was inspired by the logo of a t-shirt from the brand “JamHuri” which was used in a Kenyan edition of WAPI in Nairobi led by the New York rapper M-1 of the group Dead Prez, who referred to the slogan “I love NY”, where the symbol of the heart was substituted by the map of the African continent. This new concept and slogan makes us reflect on different symbolic meanings, especially for the Black population in the US and Brazil who have been socially excluded from public policies. Because of the slogan’s success through the festival’s advertisement on social networks, the slogan is now transformed into a campaign with the idea of contributing to the self-esteem of the Black population, criticizing institutional racism, and striving towards a greater visibility of the Black population in the media.

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