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“Depending on where I am in the States, I feel more accepted because it seems like Blackness has a wider spectrum here. Whereas in Ghana I’m labeled a ‘half-caste’ or ‘oburoni,’ here, people might not automatically assume that I’m half-White. They might think I’m just light-skinned, or some version of Black. I can walk around other Black people and feel a kind of sameness in a way. We can relate to one another just at the level of we’re all Black. Even though I feel more accepted here, I still get the sense that other Black people might see me as ‘better off’ for being lighter or for having ‘good hair.’ Like if I recommend that a woman should wear her hair natural, she looks at me like, ‘What do you know about that?’ like I don’t have to deal with certain issues with my hair because it’s a different texture. So there again, to other Black people, I’m somehow different.”

Centreville, VA
Ghanaian / Black / Mixed

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